イベント運営をプロに学ぶチャレンジする若いチカラ! 経験力で次世代を育てる大人のチカラ!Young power & Adult power

イベント運営をプロに学ぶチャレンジする若いチカラ! 経験力で次世代を育てる大人のチカラ!Young power & Adult power




  • ●準備がすべて。
  • ●気にかかったことをどれだけ消していけるか。ネガティブ要素を、ポジティブに変えていく!
  • ●「Yes! やりましょう / No,そのかわり~」ノーと言って終わりにしないのがプロの仕事。


私たちREALE WORLD は、主体的に取り組もうとする子どもたちの力になれることには、惜しみなく在りたいと考えます。


Young power to learn event management from professionals!Adult power to nurture the next generation with experience!

The REALE Cup, which was scheduled to be held in the spring, was supposed to be the first event managed and held by children.

Unfortunately, due to the spread of corona infection, it has been postponed and the date has not yet been decided.

In order to make effective use of this “wait time”, graduate members of FC REALE Japan asked Chairman of the board,Aya Miyoshi if he could hear from the event management professionals.

Kazuhiro Torii, President of Best Produce Co., Ltd., who specializes in event production, kindly took over.

  • ● Preparation is everything.
  • ● It is important to be able to erase what you are worried about. Let’s turn negative elements into positive ones.
  • ● “Yes! Let’s do it / No, instead ~” Professional work does not end with saying no.

We would like to thank President Torii for giving us an easy-to-understand and polite way of talking about the actual on-site experience.

We REALE WORLD want to help children who are willing to work independently.
From the bottom of my heart, we would like to thank all the people who have various experiences and support for helping us realize our wishes.